Sunday, August 30, 2009

This Town XI (Missed Connections)

no real sense of home
or others things

more made to order
a place between
(de)composed bodies
of ink

a location of common

though always
interrupted or just
not fast enough

it's somewhere
to go and play
the last scene again
and again


in the centre
it will be
the same

parked cars and
swing sets
say “let's go here”

it's there
on the rusty banks
and stiff waters

the bridge outside
of town that just
got going

we realize
the wrong way

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This Town X

the PiG

a dead city

rebirth inevitable

questions optional

it's a damned thing

a friend

a water spot

a tree




find the inside


too many

ways through

the centre

a path

too beaten

to be used

it's just a town

my town

and i'll be damned

if you get to it

before i do

This Town IX

before trees
in vacant lots

not ready
to be cut

to ash

a red sun

just outside
of town